The Shape of Teams to Come

L2 - The Shape of Teams to Come

Own Your Learning 

I own my learning. I will not wait to choose something new to learn. I seek the knowledge that leads me in the direction of a destiny of my choosing. And today is a good time to start. 
Many people do not realize that learning is a lifetime endeavor. Our capacity to learn is an asset that increases our value to humanity. We get to choose whether to learn in service of our loftiest aspirations, or to use our learning capacity in service of someone else’s dream. It is a binary choice—one or the other. While both are acceptable choices, the decision is best experienced as a conscious fulfillment of self-leadership. 

Podcast #1 Everyone Has A Say

IMG_0274Listen in as I share some ideas on the power of our thoughts, their connection to will-power, and their connection to organizational effectiveness.






Network Your Brand

imageDo you wonder how to network more effectively? Do you struggle in conveying your value on the landscape of competition and cooperation?

You can fix this by resetting your thoughts about where you fit in your professional network.

Above All
Know yourself best. You are the center of your network. Knowing yourself well adds quality to your conversations and projects. Knowing yourself is the way forward in establishing trust among clients and coworkers. Knowing yourself conveys personal confidence.

Understand yourself and what you bring to the table, especially how your words and service will give strength to others. At the same time, recognize what is not yours to share. Share only from the deep reserve of your personal experience rather from the shallow pool of someone else’s knowledge or worse, from the puddle of pretending.

Be the Center

You don’t have to fake it to make it. You are the center of your network. Own your authentic brand and do not try to co-opt someone else’s brand.

Armed with self knowledge and self awareness, you now have a steady and safe platform from which to notice your connecting points with clients and peers. It is a platform from which to build bridges that are relevant to the professional success of others.

Stop living on the fringe of someone else’s network and start being the center.

Now, you are ready for your next networking conversation. People will notice your clarity, authenticity, and your value.

Conflicting Emotions Are Weeds on Your Path

Ambivalence refers to our internal conflicting emotions. I suspect it exists in that psychological space where we refuse to own an emotion, so we try to force the emotion to coexist with it’s opposite. We are giving ourselves time to consider and choose.

I have observed that some people, wanting to appear cool or hip or non-chalant actually feed ambivalence. Considered objectively, that practice ends up sabotaging our goals, our well-being, and our success.

What are some ways you have been ambivalent in 2015? Do you see how it is keeping you from happiness and success?

Resolve today to commit to your emotions. Stop waffling, and see your path to your dreams emerge in the new year.

Vibrational Offering

IMG_5815I’m not enamored with the term “vibrational offering” as it admittedly sounds a little kooky. Yet, the term refers to a phenomena that is decidedly not kooky.

You are a combination of feelings, thoughts and actions that create the things and events that can be observed as your life.

For example, what is your personal reaction to the picture of a fire? You could think positively and tell a story of success that you capture with the phrase, “I am on fire!” Alternatively, you could tell a story of overwhelming circumstances with a comment such as being “burned out.”

You choose.

Author Pam Grout shared the following on a recent podcast:

How we perceive something is how it shows up for us.

When you turn on the light in a dark room, you get to decide which of the hundreds of items in that room will get your attention. Likewise, as you survey your own reality you get to choose what you will attend to. That attention is a predictor of what is next.

How would you describe your current vibrational offering?




Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts become things.

What does one do with that information? You could do nothing with it. All of us grew up being taught a set of default thoughts that pretty much shape our lives. When you do nothing with the idea that thoughts become things, your life may not look appreciably different than that of your parents. Default thinking explains why children of privileged people become privileged as adults, and children of poor people tend to stay in that world, perhaps improving only slightly generation by generation.

Or you could take the information and test it. What if I isolate my personal thoughts and settle on the ones that are not part of the default set? Only when people break the default mold handed to them by their parents do they find themselves experiencing a different sort of life than their default thoughts were capable of producing.

IMG_7319So yes, an under-privilege person can be come privileged. A bricklayer’s daughter can earn a PhD and become a college Dean. An immigrant’s child can become President of the United States. A son of a millionaire can become the voice of justice who speaks out for the poor and lifts the aspirations of millions.

In each case the person who achieved the unexpected did so by breaking their default thought mold.

Thoughts become things. What can you do with this information? Here is an easily applicable strategy.

  1. Listen to your own thoughts.
  2. Give them credence (believe them).
  3. Talk them out with a confidant who also gives credence to your thoughts (a coach).
  4. Decide to bring your thought into existence.
  5. Act.

This is simplistic, yet not simple. Contact me here if you want to learn how a short coaching program can get you on the course you desire for your life.