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Steve Martins

What if everyone wore a sign announcing their needs? That certainly would make personal and work relationships much less stressful, enjoyable, even. This question has been something a passion for me for over two decades. It has led me to devour volumes on the subject of body language. It seems true: “reading” people is easier if we pay attention to their non-verbals.

Even though I am a proficient body language hobbyist, I am more interested in how to confidently collaborate with people at the point where their strengths and needs converge. And to do that without surrendering my own integrity and needs. In conventional terms, we call that a win-win interaction.  That is what I teach.

For a long time I wondered if there might be a way apply these ideals in the workplace, both educationally and programmatically. And now, I have the answer. People can be taught people reading skills and how to use their knowledge to increase positive and productive collaboration at work and home. No manipulation, no force, no bullying. Just actual productive collaboration.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the essence of such collaboration, which is why a large part of my efforts are given to helping people improve their emotional intelligence.

I am teacher and a coach by passion and talent. I also have a Master’s Degree. I excel in leading clients from adequacy to excellence.

I hope you’ll reach out today to discuss the ways I can help you facilitate productive collaboration in your work teams with the Everything DiSC™ products and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ seminar. And if you are in the process of assembling a work team, I can help with the cutting edge assessment-based tool for matching candidates to a specific job profile. The tool is called PXT Select™ and I am particularly excited about the positive impact it will have on your workplace.

Finally, contact me to learn how you can measurably improve your culture with Emotional Intelligence Assessments and training with proven programs from Genos International.

I look forward to working with you.


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