Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders™ isn’t just any 360. It’s a dynamic 360-degree feedback tool plus 3 personalized strategies for leaders to put into action immediately—a 360 + 3!

The richness of Everything DiSC™ comes together with the research-based Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership™ framework to help any leader—emerging high-potentials and experienced executives alike—incorporate critical feedback from direct reports, peers, and bosses into a development plan to increase their effectiveness in a leadership role. We use this powerful set of resources in on-t-one coaching and with small groups of aspiring leaders.

Learners will

•Recognize the tendencies that shape their approach to leadership, based on their DiSC style

•Understand how others see them as a leader and how their own self-ratings compare

•Identify which of the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership—and the three behavioral Practices underlying each approach—are their strengths and which ones would benefit from further development

•Learn three personalized strategies for becoming a more effective leader based on specific rater feedback

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile

Two-part self-rating tool for leaders combining the research-validated, online Everything DiSC and Leadership Behaviors assessments.

The 22+-page 360° profile report provides context-specific feedback using intuitive easy-to-read visuals, clear definitions of the Eight Approaches and associated behavioral Practices, graphic illustrations that break down feedback by type of rater (e.g., managers, peers, direct reports), and detailed rater comments on all 24 Practices. I

Three personalized strategies that identify areas where leaders have the greatest opportunities for improvement, based on their unique DiSC style and specific feedback provided by raters.

Two-part research-validated, online assessment for raters combines the Leadership Behaviors assessment and an additional Leadership Requests survey that asks raters to identify which leadership practices they would like to see the leader engage in more frequently.

Powered by our exclusive CommentSmart feature, raters choose from a variety of selectable comments that provide focused, balanced, and constructive feedback that leader can actually use.

An unlimited number of raters can be engaged in this 360-feedback process.


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