This is Flourishing Friday.

As a kid, I became aware of the acronym TGIF when I was around ten. It seemed to convey the notion that Monday through Thursday are to blame for all of life’s challenges, but Friday comes to offer sweet relief with the prospect of two days away from the grind. I didn’t really get it, but it taught me an “adult” response that I carried for decades.

My Flourishing Mom

In more recent times, I have become aware of the discipline of positive psychology, which was born in 1998. Martin Seligman, who is considered to have pioneered the discipline, has been studying and writing about what makes for mental well-being. (Traditional psychology focuses on mental illness.)

Seligman uses the word flourishing to describe someone who likes his or her life and is living in a steady state of positive expectancy. (The oversimplification is mine, not his. Positive Psychology is not merely positive thinking.) There is much to unpack with the idea of flourishing and he does so in his books, especially the one called, “Flourishing.”

I have co opted the acronym TGIF to stand for Thank God I’m Flourishing.

A good day to celebrate that is on Friday of each week. Take a look back at the week. Notice and name the moments when you were flourishing. Then look forward to next week in positive expectancy of mental wellness no matter what shows up in your circumstances.

There’s another acronym that turns up all over social media – FML. I’m co opting that one, too.

Flourish My Life!

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