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Vibrational Offering

IMG_5815I’m not enamored with the term “vibrational offering” as it admittedly sounds a little kooky. Yet, the term refers to a phenomena that is decidedly not kooky.

You are a combination of feelings, thoughts and actions that create the things and events that can be observed as your life.

For example, what is your personal reaction to the picture of a fire? You could think positively and tell a story of success that you capture with the phrase, “I am on fire!” Alternatively, you could tell a story of overwhelming circumstances with a comment such as being “burned out.”

You choose.

Author Pam Grout shared the following on a recent podcast:

How we perceive something is how it shows up for us.

When you turn on the light in a dark room, you get to decide which of the hundreds of items in that room will get your attention. Likewise, as you survey your own reality you get to choose what you will attend to. That attention is a predictor of what is next.

How would you describe your current vibrational offering?




4 Ways You Know You’ve Got This

Quick. Think of a famous person.

Whether you thought of Beyoncé, Derek Jeter or Barack Obama, or someone else you happen to admire, I can tell you this. They all have these four things in common.

  1. The right emotions
  2. Vivid ideation
  3. Specific visualization
  4. Other people want to be them

Let’s unpack that list.

The Right Emotions

Most people who focus on improvement see mostly the condition of their lives – that which they want to be different than it currently is. They want to make more money, have better relationships, drive a better car, have zero debt and a myriad of other outer conditions.

Check in with struggling people on the feelings they hold in their hearts and you most likely will not discover the emotions of confidence, anticipation, and hope. Gratitude is very hard to see, too.

Yet such positive emotions are absolutely necessary to finding any success. And not just occasionally. More like constantly.

Your daily work is to improve your emotional sensation, not your circumstances. Let those positive feelings gain sufficient momentum. Stop consuming negative anything. Stop telling others your troubles.

Instead, find something that makes you feel great and focus your thoughts on that. Does your lover make your heart sing? Think about that one. Do the grandchildren keep you laughing? Recall them constantly. Watch television shows that make you laugh and smile and feel joy.

Fall asleep happy. Wake up happy. And build more momentum in the direction you want to go by consciously maintaining a happy frame of mind.

Vivid Ideation

When we feed positive emotion, we simultaneously open a highway of ideas to our brains.

Usually, successful people have so many ideas, they have to keep a journal just to record them. They know they may not get to them all in this lifetime, yet they record them, knowing that some of them, even just one of them, will become the way they make their personal ding in the universe.

Very often these ideas lead to discovery of personal mission and enjoyment of significant influence and even wealth.

Specific Visualization

The idea factory is operating at full capacity. Now it is time to spend time seeing the fruition in your mind’s eye. Experts offer a couple of ways to do this. One is to write out in some detail the outcomes you are imagining.

Some people get stuck here, because their imagination is not so vivid. That’s okay. There is another way.

More important is describing your feelings as if you have already completed the idea. This is where you practice of positive emotion kicks in with a turbo-charge of belief. Remember, you cannot gin this up. It has to come from a place of authenticity.

If you find you have to chose where you let your thoughts go, give priority to finding the feeling of having completed the idea. The right feelings will eventually fuel your productive visualization.

Other People Want to Be Them

Recently, someone crossed my path who had just won the lottery. Most people will respond to him with envy and jealousy. That is a condition they choose. The lottery winner did not cause the negative emotions in the onlookers.

Others will look at him with admiration and awareness that his luck in the lottery was not necessarily accidental but rather the culmination of the process of aligning his life to make room for the money and use it responsibly. There was also a hit of intuition involved.

That second model is the one to emulate. A jealous person can not experience abundance. A grateful person always experiences abundance and is always creating room for more blessings.

You’ve Got This

The journey is never complete. It never has to be perfect. But when we get out there on the leading edge, there is so much we can have, be and do. Don’t leave your gifts in the bag. Someday, when someone else is asked to think of a famous  or influential person, your name will be on their lips!






Fire Up Your Vibrators, People!

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The universe’s language is vibration. Scientists and physicists have shown conclusively that everything, without exception, vibrates. They have noted that they can view objects that appear solid and stationary through a microcope and observe that there is recordable movement.

It is also an inviolable truth that like attracts like. Fire attracts fire, water attracts water, love attracts love, war attracts war –– to name a few examples.

At a personal level, what matters is the vibration upon which we fix our thoughts.

I went through a phase when every driver on the road who did one certain thing stimulated frustration in me over the rush they were in. Then someone pointed out to me that I was the one in a rush, which explained why I continually focused on the behavior of drivers who slowed me down by forcing me to react to their carelessness or slow-pokery. I was noticing that which was in harmony with what I didn’t want. So I got more of what I didn’t want.

In a positive example, the one thought that transformed the life and love experience of this lonely, divorced man was my fixation on one simple idea. “The love you are looking for is also looking for you.”

That singular, simple belief made it exceedingly easy to know when I met the one. I immediately felt that we were harmonized –– vibrating in sync. And in the last 18 months it has proven to be true, over and over again.

Recall the axiom that music is the universal language. That is a saying that no one questions. Because music is nothing if not vibration.

We choose music based on how we feel. We also use music to change our emotional state.

Any planning we do for getting something we want to come our way begins with vibration. Think of your life as a melody line. The harmonies and accompaniment must join the melody you are singing. Change the melody and new harmonious accompaniment will join it.

Someone said that our lives are loudspeakers, giving out a vibration. Every experience, location and thing outside of us are also loudspeakers that broacast vibration, or frequencies. If you look at your life right now, whatever and whoever is around you, you see the perfect alignment of vibration with the thoughts and conditions you fixate upon. It already exists.

While you are not in control of what comes to you, you are in control of what you fixate on. Fixation shows up in our thinking, our words, our actions and our feelings. Those four things are the component parts of the vibration you are putting out. At the same time, people, places and things are streaming toward you in alignment with your loudspeaker’s vibration. That which you fixate on will keep showing up.

This is not determinism, however. Because the final gateway through which everything must pass to enter your experience is permission –– permission that only you can grant. You get to decide what outside-of-you forces to align with. You grant permission for love or lack of it, prosperity or lack of it, patience or lack of it, employment or lack of it and so on.

Camillo Loken puts it more succinctly: “thoughts really are things… thinking a thought produces the energy and the substance needed for it to exist by itself. Even though most thoughts are short-lived those we put effort into, focus on, or think intensely about become the “climate” or atmosphere we live in.” (Make a Ripple – Make a Difference, 2014)

Imagine a cool autumn morning. The summer temperatures have subsided and the furnace is not yet turned on. You feel the chill inside your home. You want to feel warm. Your’re on the couch in your family room completing work on your computer. You knew this day would come. While you sit there feeling the chill, your thoughts are drawn to find a solution for your being cold. Then you realize, it is right there in front of you. The fireplace. The wood. The matches. All is harmony. Your thought leads to effort. Your effort leads to a nice, warming flame in your fireplace.

When we fix our thoughts on something, we create the climate in which resources appear and align as potential for us to produce what we are thinking about. Sometimes great change happens quickly, because we permit it. Other times change is personally challenging because we are resisting it –– not granting permission for installation of a new reality.

I picked this simple illustration to show you that it is not that hard to visualize change once you begin to notice the resouces lining up to give you what you want. When the temperature was eighty degrees a few days ago, you didn’t even notice the fireplace, the wood stacked in the corner from last winter and the matches on the mantle.

We see and notice only that which is useful to us, that which we perceive will help us feel better. Even then, the aligned resources that have appeared for our comfort need to be employed. To revisit my fireplace illustration, you must get off the couch and light the fire if you want that comforting warmth to enfold you.

In my past, when I have read about these ideas, I tended to be hard on myself with beliefs that I was responsible for creating certain crummy situations. But this is not about blaming yourself. Instead, make a choice to engage your thoughts and emotions to broadcast a vibrational climate that aligns with the quality of life you hope to have. You know it works. The proof is all around you. Grant yourself permission to do something different, to feel something new and wonderful. Let the attraction and alignment begin!