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How Can I Help People Respond Positively to My Leadership?


Is Your Leadership Worth Showing Up For?

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Plato said Socrates said this:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

I believe this idea applies to leaders in a unique way. If we show up as self-centered–my way or the highway– autocrats we may get compliance from those under our charge. But their hearts and the extra effort attached will not be accessible or available to us.

The good news is science has studied the matter and we can know and learn the kinds of behavior that distinguishes a great leader from someone who merely makes the trains run on time.

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If you would like to explore more deeply how you can help people respond positively to your leadership, please contact me to learn about executive coaching.

In addition, in partnership with Genos International I am offering a unique scientific assessment to help you know where you stand in relation to others leaders in the corporate space.

Learn exactly how your direct reports, your peers, and your boss see your leadership and where you can adjust your approach to maximize your leadership presence. Coaching can help with any course correction you wish to make.