Improvement happens through awareness. Awareness flows from education.

Many intelligent leaders can intuit aspects of emotional intelligence, but the truly smart leaders seek knowledge and accountability.

Here is a listing of classes for your brightest and best leaders and hi-potential team members.

  • Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behavior: An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (6 hours)
    • The Science of Emotions
    • Emotional Intelligence Six-factor Model
    • Building A More Positive Workplace
  • IGNITE is a six to twelve month culture transformation program. (One 2 hour session every 1-2 months)
    • Module 1: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
    • Module 2: After completing Module 1, leaders will take part in an assessment. This session is dedicated to receiving and processing feedback.
    • Module 3: Behavioral Agility. Each of a leader’s team members has a personality style. This session is dedicated to understanding  the mix of styles present on their teams and flexing their own leadership style to draw the best out of others.
    • Module 4: Authenticity. Apply techniques of candor and vulnerability to be authentic in the expressing thoughts, feelings and opinions.
    • Module 5: Building Resilience. This session provides actionable techniques for building personal resilience. It also introduces a coaching model to positively influence the resilience of others.
    • Module 6: Inspiring Performance. Prior to this session, leaders will participate in a second round of assessment. Results will be personally debriefed. Leaders will create an action plan for sustaining advances achieved during the IGNITE program.
    • You will receive a Return on Investment Report aggregating the results of the two rounds of assessment.