A grain of wisdom seed fell on my ears this morning when my wife shared a saying that helped her through the dissertation phase of her PhD program. “Challenges give way to effort,” she said.

There are some things I like to think are true about myself. Such as, I try to live with a priority on love, perspective, and wisdom. I’m a life-long learner who likes to help others be that, too. I like to think of myself as a hardworking and gritty creator of life changing courses. Someone capable of dishing some really wise counsel at just the right time.

Yes, these all have been true of me at some point, but in this “what have you done for me lately world” my honest self assessment leaves me feeling a bit like a fraud. I do not have a string of recent accolades and experiences that prove my great worth to this world. I’m not self flagellating (that much). Yet I have to recognize that by many measures outside myself, I really could stand to turn up the pressure on the hose I am using to share myself and my gifts with the world. I’ve been thinking a wee bit bit small.

I created these slides to energize myself. Small acts, repeated over long periods of time can harness unstoppable energy.

No handwringing and ruminating–just observable action
Original art ©Steve Martins

Have an outsized day!

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